My Service Canada Account

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Service Canada will be revising its web videos to reflect the new look of our website. Viewers can still refer to these videos to get a good overview of our programs and services.


(Animated pen draws a red line that leads into the text My Service Canada Account)

(Tight shot of the Host.)

Hi, my name is Selena, and I'm a Service Canada employee.

(Service Canada home page appears on the screen. Step zoom to Access My Service Canada Account text on the home page.)

Wouldn't it be great to see or update your personal information online?

Well, to serve you better, we've created "My Service Canada Account".

(Close-up of the Host.)

It's a helpful, online tool that allows Canadians to view and update the personal information in their

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security text. Our stick person gestures to words as they appear.)

Employment Insurance,

Canada Pension Plan,

and Old Age Security files.

(Cut to a tight shot of the animation. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person operating the computer. Large numbers and addresses (home and bank) flow out from the computer.)

With "My Service Canada Account", you can:

change your address, your telephone number,

and your direct deposit information.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Pages from EI, CPP and OAS animate up from computer.)

You can view your electronic Records of Employment

and information on your Employment Insurance claim,

your Canada Pension Plan, and your Old Age Security benefits.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: EI, CPP. and OAS slips appear on screen.)

You can even print your Employment Insurance,

Canada Pension Plan, and Old Age Security tax slips for your tax return.

(Close-up of the Host.)

You can also see a breakdown of your EI payments,

get an estimate of your Canada Pension Plan, retirement benefits, follow your Canada Pension Plan contributions, and so much more!

(Cut to a tight shot of the animation. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: computer and desk appears. Screen shot of Web page.)

Getting your own "My Service Canada Account" involves several steps for your protection.

Our website takes you through each step.

(Medium shot of the Host.)

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Words Employment Insurance Access Code appear on screen along with a simulated 4-digit code.)

You'll need either an Employment Insurance access code, which is printed on your benefit statement and mailed to you after you apply for Employment Insurance

(Point to screen shot.)

or, if you're not applying for EI,

(Words Personal Access Code appear along with simulated 6-digit code)

you'll need to apply for a personal access code.

(words Register Online With: User ID and Password appear on screen with checkboxes for User ID and Password)

As soon as you have either code, you'll need to register online.

(Cut to a close-up of the Host.)

Once you've gone through these essential steps, you'll be ready to log onto your own secure"My Service Canada Account".

(Cut to a close-up of the Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: "My Service Canada Account" animates on screen. Our stick person points to text.)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Being in touch, at your convenience, equals peace of mind.

(Tight shot of the Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Service Canada logo.)

At Service Canada, we're people serving people.

(Dip to black.)