Labour Market Information

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(Animated pen draws a red line that leads into the text Labour Market Information.)

(Cut to a tight shot of the Host.)

Hi, my name is Selena, and I'm a Service Canada employee.

So, what can labour market information do for you?

In short, it can help you make better decisions about your job and your work life.

Want to know how?

(Medium shot of Host. Stick person walks in, points to words “Education Requirements”, “Main Duties”, Wage Rages”, Current Outlook” as they appear on screen.)

Well, it can provide you with information on things such as:

what kind of education you'll need to get a specific job;

what the main duties of that job are;

how much money you could make if you had that job;

and whether there are any jobs like it available right now in the job market.

(Tight shot of the Host.)

Let me tell you, these are all good things to know before you apply for any job or train for a career.

(Medium shot of Host. Animated graph appears showing economic growth. Morphs into maps of Canada.)

It's also good to know the economic situation in your community- or in any community in Canada where you might be interested in looking for a job.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person points to words as they appear on screen: ‘unemployment rate’, ‘supply & demand’, ‘ age’, ‘gender’ and ‘education level’.)

For example, you can look up their unemployment rate, their local supply and demand of skilled workers, and the age, gender, and educational level of their work force.

(Medium shot of Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person gestures to (actual) LMI web page as it appears on-screen)

You'll find all this information on the Labour Market Information site.

(Medium shot of Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person in a classroom setting. Map of Canada appears beneath class.)

And it doesn't stop there.

You can also find information on what training you might need for a specific job, and in which part of the country you're most likely to find that job.

(Tight shot of the Host. LMI website re-appears in background.)

Labour market information is one of the most effective tools you can use to find a job.

It'll help you make the most informed decision about jobs and training that interest you.

(Medium shot of Host. LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person gestures to LMI site address ( as it appears on screen.)

Check it out at: labour market

(Stick person takes a bow.)

At Service Canada, we're people serving people.

(Dip to black.)