Completing Your EI Reports

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(Animated pen draws a red line that leads into the text Completing Your EI Reports.)

Hi, my name is Selena, and I'm a Service Canada employee.

(Close-up of the Host. Stick person appears typing at computer, points to computer screen.)

If you've applied for Employment Insurance benefits, and you qualify, you'll usually be asked to complete reports every two weeks to show that you're eligible to receive benefits.

If you are receiving special benefits, you may not have to submit reports.

(Cut to medium shot of Host. Stick person continues to work at computer and gives a thumbs-up in approval.)

And you know what?

To make it even easier for you to access and complete your EI reports, we've put them online.

Medium shot of Host.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Stick person continues to be seated at computer.)

Here's how it works.

(Mailbox appears, stick person gets up from computer and walks over to receive mail and returns to desk.)

Shortly after you apply for benefits, we'll mail you an Employment Insurance benefit statement.

(The words ‘Access Code and Instructions’ appear on screen.)

This statement tells you the date your first report is due, gives you your access code and instructions on how to file your reports online.

(Close-up of the Host.)

It's important that you answer all the questions on the report accurately.

Questions such as: Did you work during the period

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: stick person holding briefcase.)

covered and, if so, how much money did you make?

(Dollar signs appear around stick person.)

(Stick person appears at desk.)

Did you start working full-time?

(Stick person sitting behind a school desk.)

Did you attend school or take any training?

(Stick person appears with hard hat and hammer in hand.)

Were you ready, willing, and capable of working at all times?

(A plane flies behind host.)

Were you outside Canada for any length of time?

(Medium shot of Host. Actual Service Canada Home page appears. Words ‘Complete Your EI Report’ are highlighted.)

To complete your report online, simply log onto our Service Canada home page and click on Complete your EI report.

(Feature Login page. Words Social Insurance Number, Access Code, province of residence are highlighted.)

Then, just enter your Social Insurance Number, your access code, and your province of residence, and voila!

(Feature report page.)

The report appears, ready for you to fill out.

(Tight shot of Host.)

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when you're completing your online report: It's a good idea

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: our stick person behind his computer. Files are neatly stacked on the desk.)

to make sure you've gathered all the information you need before you even begin.

If there's any information missing, or if any information is incomplete, we won't be able to process your report immediately, which could mean a delay in paying you.

(Stick person leaves computer unattended. Exclamation marks appear over our stick person’s head. Our stick person in a flash returns.)

Also, for privacy reasons, remember that you should never leave your computer unattended while you're logged on, and you should always delete your temporary Internet files and clear your browser history after you've completed your report.

(Close-up of Host.)

Once you've filled out your report, you'll receive the due date for your next reporting period.

(LINE DRAWING GRAPHIC: Service Canada logo.)

After you submit your report, you might realize that you made a mistake on it.

It's important to let us know as soon as possible if this happens, since you may have to pay back some of the benefits you receive.

You can let us know by either calling us, or by visiting or writing your local Service Canada Centre.

(Stick person appears working at computer. The words ‘Employment Insurance Telephone Reporting Service’ appear on screen. Stick person speaks into wireless phone.)

Also, if we need any additional information to clarify your report, we'll ask you to call our Employment Insurance Telephone Reporting Service.

If you don't call us, we won't be able to process your report.

(Tight shot of host, graphic image of hand on computer mouse appears on screen with text ‘Why wait in line when you can go online?’)

Filling out forms is certainly part of life, but we've made it a bit easier with the simple click of a mouse.

(Service Canada logo appears, stick person take a bow.)

At Service Canada, we're people serving people.

(Dip to black.)