Foreign students and SIN

Foreign students can only work at the school where Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has granted the student authorization to study. However, CIC’s policy states that a student enrolled in a post-secondary program may change their school or request a change to the condition of their current permit without applying for a new study permit. In this situation, a contract of employment issued by a learning institution (or an employer on campus) other than the one indicated on the study permit is deemed acceptable.

We have developed a sample Employment Contract for Foreign Students (PDF version, 45 KB) to help employers who are hiring students on campus. If this sample is used, it must be printed on company letterhead. All shaded areas on the sample contract are mandatory fields, and must be completed to process a Social Insurance Number request at a Service Canada Centre. The contract of employment must be an original (no photocopies).

An employer can use a different contract of employment, as long as it is an original that contains all the mandatory information requested and is printed on letterhead.

Here is a list of the mandatory information that must be provided on the employment contract:

  • sex;
  • date of birth;
  • surname, given name;
  • address;
  • study permit document number (beginning with the letter "F");
  • date the study permit was signed;
  • valid until date of the study permit;
  • name of the on-campus department or on-campus business;
  • employer's name;
  • civic address where the work will be performed;
  • employer's signature;
  • employer's telephone number;
  • student’s start and end dates of employment which must fall within the dates indicated in the fields “Date signed” and “Valid until” of the study permit; and
  • signature of student and date signed.