Record of Employment on the Web – Frequently asked questions

I am already enrolled with one Government of Canada service. Why do I need to provide basic identity information again to register for ROE Web?

Each government service or program requests your personal information based on its specific requirements and to determine eligibility or entitlement. The government must adhere to the Privacy Act, which restricts the information that can be shared between departments and agencies.

I am not familiar with ROE Web. Is there a tool to help me?

Yes, ROE Web now includes an Assistant feature to guide you through the production of your ROEs. The Assistant asks you questions and automatically completes your ROE. It then identifies potential errors and helps you review them. It also includes detailed explanations and answers to common ROE questions throughout the process. The Assistant is user-friendly and makes it even easier to file your ROEs online. Simply sign in to ROE Web to launch the Assistant.

Can I practise issuing ROEs?

Yes, you can practise issuing ROEs. Sign in to ROE Web and create a professional profile. From there, you can access a demo site that will allow you to fill out ROEs without submitting them.

What are the acceptable pieces of identification I can bring to a Service Canada Centre to validate and authenticate my identity when registering for ROE Web?

If you plan to visit a Service Canada Centre to complete the identity authentication step of ROE Web registration, you must provide two identification documents, including one photo ID. The following are acceptable identification documents:

  • Provincial driver's licence
  • Canadian passport
  • Provincial health care card
  • Birth certificate (provincial)
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certificate of Canadian citizenship
  • Certificate of registration of birth abroad
  • Certificate of Indian status issued by the Government of Canada
  • Record of landing
  • Provincial ID card
  • Foreign passport
I lost my user reference number. How can I retrieve it?

The user reference number was emailed to the address provided when the ROE Web profile was created. The Employer Contact Centre can help you retrieve a lost user reference number.

I did not receive or I lost my authorization code. What can I do?

The authorization code is sent to the CEO of the organization and mailed to the business address on file. If the CEO did not receive the authorization code, you can contact the Employer Contact Centre and request to have it resent.

I didn’t activate my account within the 90-day limit. Can I still access ROE Web?

The authorization code is valid for a period of 90 days. If you did not use your authorization code within the 90-day period, you can contact the Employer Contact Centre to extend the duration of your authorization code.

How can I change the business address in my ROE Web account?

If you are the Primary Officer or a representative who has the right to manage the organization’s profile, you can change the organization’s main address from within ROE Web. You can also create alternative addresses that can be selected to appear on ROEs.

My email address has changed. How can I update the information?

You can update your email address directly in ROE Web at any time. For more information, see the ROE Web Administration User Guide.

How can I change the Primary Officer in my ROE Web account?

If the Primary Officer (PO) has left the organization or is no longer in a role suitable to act as PO, the organization must assign a new one.

If you are to be the new PO for the organization, you must sign in to ROE Web and create your ROE Web profile. From your user home page, you can initiate a change PO request.

To complete the change of PO request, you must:

  • identify the organization you represent by providing the ROE Web organization number or a CRA business number
  • validate and authenticate your identity, either through CRA My Account or by visiting a Service Canada Centre and providing two pieces of identification
  • enter the authorization code that will be mailed to the CEO or business owner of the organization at the address that is on file; the authorization code establishes your authority to act as PO for the organization.
Can I print completed ROEs from ROE Web?

Yes, ROE Web allows you to print a PDF version of the ROEs you issue. If you submit ROEs electronically, you are not required to print copies for your employees. However, you can provide your employees with copies as a courtesy.

How can I amend an ROE in ROE Web?

The “Amend” option from the ROE menu calls up the original ROE on the screen and allows you to make modifications and submit the amended ROE. A new serial number will be assigned to the amended ROE.

How long does Service Canada keep an ROE that I created in ROE Web?

Under the provisions of the Employment Insurance Act, you have to keep one copy of all ROEs issued as a part of your records for six years. ROE Web allows you to keep the ROEs electronically and you can view or print them any time within this six-year period.

ROEs that are identified as draft ROEs are retained for a period of 15 days in the Service Canada database. During the 15-day period, you can either submit and store the draft ROE, or view and print the draft ROE. After the 15-day period, the draft ROE will be deleted from the Service Canada database.

Service Canada keeps ROEs for 11 years, in accordance with the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act and Info Source.

How do I sign out of ROE Web properly?

To sign out of ROE Web and GCKey properly, you need to sign out of ROE Web and then close your browser completely, not just the folder. This will end both your ROE Web session and your GCKey session, which are independent of each other.

What is the payroll extract feature?

The payroll extract feature in ROE Web allows you to transfer data directly from your payroll system and issue up to 1,200 ROEs at once. Find out if the payroll extract feature is right for you.

Can I give access to my ROE Web account to others?

Yes, if you are the Primary Officer (PO) or authorized representative of an account, you can invite individuals to access your account and choose specific rights for each of them. First, the person you want to invite has to create an ROE Web profile if they do not have one already. They will receive a user reference number by email. Then sign into your account, click on “Invite a representative”, and enter the person’s user reference number. At this point, you may select the specific access rights you want the person to have.

Can I acquire access to an existing ROE Web account?

If you want to access an existing account, give your user reference number to the account’s Primary Officer or authorized representative. That person must first send you an invitation in the system. Then you will be able to sign in to ROE Web, accept the invitation, and access the account.

I want to issue electronic ROEs but ROE Web does not suit my needs. Is there another solution?

If you or your Payroll Service Provider want to submit electronic ROEs but are looking for a solution other than ROE Web, you may want to consider ROE Secure Automated Transfer (ROE SAT), which can be used to transfer large quantities of ROE data directly to Service Canada. Contact the Employer Contact Centre to learn more about ROE SAT.