Changes to the Record of Employment on the Web

New features and functions have been added to Record of Employment on the Web (ROE Web) to simplify your experience.

Internet Explorer Issue

If you are experiencing issues using ROE Web with Internet Explorer please ensure that Compatibility View in Internet Explorer is turned off. You can change the Compatibility View in the Tools menu of Internet Explorer. If there is a check beside Compatibility View, you must click to uncheck it. This will turn off Compatibility View for the site. You must also remove “”, any name with the domain “” or the name “ROE Web” from the “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View” list.

ROE Web Assistant

ROE Web now includes an Assistant feature to guide you through the production of your electronic ROEs. Using the Assistant makes it even easier to file ROEs online by:

  • asking you questions and using your answers to fill the ROE automatically
  • providing help and answering common ROE questions
  • identifying potential errors on your ROE and guiding you through the reviewing process before you submit it

Simply sign in to ROE Web to launch the ROE Web Assistant.

Changing the Primary Officer

You can now change the Primary Officer (PO) of your account online. The new PO will need to sign in to ROE Web, click on the “Replace Primary Officer” link in the left menu and follow the steps.

Folder structure

If you issue ROEs on behalf of more than one business, you will be able to organize your ROEs in folders in a way that makes sense to you.


As soon as you sign in, you will be asked to choose which action you want to perform in the application, such as uploading a payroll extract file or inputting a new ROE.

Easier access to the demonstration site

Anyone creating an ROE Web professional profile will be given a user reference number and will be granted access to the demonstration site. Sign in to ROE Web to see how the application works, practise issuing ROEs online, and test payroll extract files.

Effective management of ROE Web users

The roles of Designated Officer, Issuer and Viewer no longer exist. Instead, Primary Officers are now able to invite individuals to access their account and choose specific rights for each of them.

No need to fax documents

Payroll Service Providers (PSPs) can now add new organizations to their account online. They need to complete an Employer Consent Form (also known as Annex A), but are not required to fax a copy to the Employer Contact Centre. However, PSPs must keep on file the original Employer Consent Forms of both new and former clients in case Service Canada asks to see them.

New terminology

  • An “ROE Web client number” is now called a “user reference number”.
  • The “activation code” has been replaced with an “authorization code”.

Additional changes

  • More user friendly tables
  • New drop-down menus for easier navigation
  • Clearer error messages throughout the application
  • New calendar pop-ups eliminating the need to enter dates manually
  • Predictive search in most entry fields (typing the first few letters of a word displays a list of all the options starting with those letters)

Information: Did you know?

The registration process for ROE Web has changed! You can now complete your entire registration online. Find out more about the new steps to register.