Benefits of the Record of Employment on the Web

Whether you are a business owner, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a payroll processor, Service Canada encourages you to submit Records of Employment (ROEs) electronically. Record of Employment on the Web (ROE Web) is an efficient, reliable, and convenient way to submit ROEs. Filling out an ROE has never been easier!

Save time and increase productivity

  • Easily enter the information online.
  • Report 53 weeks of payroll data in one location rather than having to attach an extra sheet to a paper form, which allows you to report only 27 weeks.
  • Submit up to 1,200 electronic ROEs at once using the ROE Web payroll extract.
  • Import key ROE information back into your payroll system for easy reference and record keeping.
  • Effectively and easily amend ROEs without having to re-enter all the information.

Increase filing flexibility

Improve the quality and accuracy of ROEs

  • ROE Web provides pre-filled information, online help and built‑in edits to ensure that forms are filled out accurately.
  • ROE Web instantly validates ROEs, which means you receive fewer follow-up requests for information from Service Canada.

Reduce paper burden

  • Save money in administration, storage and postage.
  • Eliminate the need to order and store paper ROE forms, keep paper copies on file, or send copies to Service Canada.

Help your employees get quicker payments

  • Issuing electronic ROEs means quicker Employment Insurance payments for your employees when they need them most. Electronic ROEs are always available online. Employees with a My Service Canada Account can view and print copies of their ROEs.

Get started

Register for ROE Web now. To see how it works, create your professional profile and access the demo site.

Note: Record of Employment Secure Automated Transfer (ROE SAT)

If you issue large numbers of ROEs each year or if you are looking for an electronic solution other than ROE Web, learn more about ROE SAT, a system developed by Service Canada to transfer ROE data in bulk form.