Paper Record of Employment forms

Although electronic Records of Employment (ROEs) are more efficient, you can choose to order and fill out paper ROE forms.

What do I do with each copy of a paper ROE form?

  • Give the 1st copy (the original) to your employee as proof of insurable earnings for claiming EI benefits.
  • Send the 2nd copy (blue) to Service Canada as indicated on the form.
  • Keep the 3rd copy (white) in your files for 6 years.

For help and to avoid common mistakes, consult the guide on How to Complete the ROE Form.

Information: Did you know?

If you submit electronic ROEs, you no longer need to provide a paper copy to your employees or send a copy to Service Canada. Employees can view their ROEs issued electronically by visiting My Service Canada Account.

ROE Web is more user-friendly than ever: use the new ROE Web Assistant to guide you through the production of an electronic ROE.

Learn how to register by watching this new video.

How do I order paper ROE forms?

If you are a Canadian employer, contact the Employer Contact Centre to order paper ROE forms.

If you are a non-Canadian employer, your place of business registered and operating within Canada must contact the Employer Contact Centre to order paper ROE forms.

When you call, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your 15-character payroll account number (PAN) issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • The name, address and telephone number of your business.

Please note that we no longer accept orders for paper ROE forms by fax.

Note: What is a PAN?

The PAN can be found on the CRA PD7A Statement of Account for Current Source Deductions form. If you do not have a PAN, you will have to request one from the Canada Revenue Agency.

How to request a copy of an already issued paper ROE

Service Canada retains ROEs for 11 years. After 11 years, ROEs are destroyed and therefore no longer available.

To request a copy of an already issued ROE, send us the following information by mail or fax:

  • Your business name, address - and mailing address, if different - and phone number
  • Your 15-character PAN issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Name and Social Insurance Number of employee(s) for which ROEs are requested
  • Year(s) for which ROEs are requested
  • Reason for request
  • Your signature

Record of Employment copy request
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