How do I apply for the WEPP?

Possible Canada Post Service Disruption: Important Notice

We encourage all applicants to sign up for direct deposit to avoid delays. Direct deposit is the most efficient and surest method of payment and will not be impacted by a postal disruption.

We encourage applicants to apply for the Wage Earner Protection Program online to avoid delays.

In the event of a Canada Post service disruption, applications submitted by mail will be accepted outside the 56 day application deadline. Decision letters on applications will also be delayed during a postal disruption.

An extension will be granted for review and appeal requests of Wage Earner Protection Program decisions.

You may apply for the WEPP online once you have received a copy of the information provided to Service Canada by the trustee or receiver appointed in your employer's bankruptcy/receivership.

Service Canada cannot process your application unless the information from the trustee/receiver has been received. If you disagree with the amounts the trustee or receiver has indicated is owing to you, please discuss this with them before applying.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Submit a proof of claim to the trustee/receiver in order to receive a WEPP payment. A proof of claim is a written statement filed during bankruptcy or receivership proceedings in which a creditor cites the reason a debtor owes the creditor money.
  • If you have not already filed a proof of claim, the trustee/receiver appointed in your former employer's bankruptcy/receivership will assist you in filing a proof of claim. You may also be entitled to compensation beyond what can be paid under the WEPP.

Please note that you cannot retrieve a partially completed online application. If you did not submit your application, you must re-enter your information.

If you do not wish to apply online, you can obtain a paper application form at your nearest Service Canada Centre.