Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, the Government of Canada deposits payments automatically into your bank account.

It's a way to receive your payments without any postal delay. Not only will you be able to access your payments more quickly, you can also be sure they will never be lost, stolen, or damaged.

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How to apply

Make sure to have your banking information handy: branch, financial institution, and account number. This information can be found at the bottom of any cheque for the account in which you would like to have your payment deposited, as shown in the example below.


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  1. The first three numbers at the bottom of the cheque are the cheque number (do not include these numbers)
  2. The next five numbers are the branch number
  3. The next three numbers are the financial institution number
  4. The remaining numbers are the bank account number used for direct deposit

If you are having trouble reading the numbers, or do not have a cheque, you can ask your financial institution for confirmation of this information.

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