Job Futures Québec

Job Futures Quebec consists of information on occupations and how they are evolving in Quebec. For each of the 520 occupations of the national occupation classification (NOC 2006), it contains:

  • Statistics
  • Forecasts for growth and retirements
  • Job descriptions
  • The most current professional titles
  • The main industries that are hiring

Furthermore, for more then 250 occupations, there are:

  • Detailed analyses of opportunities and growth factors
  • Descriptions of education and training requirements
  • Addresses and useful links
  • Commentary that sums up job prospects

This information is intended for all people interested in the evolution of occupations in Quebec:

  • For young people making career choices and for their parents
  • For counsellors on career, education and the professions
  • For those considering immigrating
  • For all those who are looking to guide or redirect their careers

The data, analyses, and forecasts of Job Futures Quebec have been prepared by the economists of Service Canada, Quebec Region. Do not hesitate to contact us at Job Futures Quebec if you have any questions or comments.

2014-2018 Scenario by Occupation

Occupation Search by Skill Type

If you are not familiar with the National Occupational Classification (NOC), you can search for the 4 digit code in the NOC search engine. Once you know the code you can find the complete information offered by Job Futures Quebec.