Get your tax information slips online

Attention: Important Notice

The 2014 Original CPP T4A(P), NR4 and Credit tax slips are now available online.

Please be advised that the 2014 CPP T4A (P), NR4, and Credit tax slip amendments and duplicates will not be available online. However, amended and duplicate tax slips will be mailed to you so you can submit the slips when filing for your income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Preparing your income tax return online is a quick, easy and secure way to get your tax refund faster.

If you have received Employment Insurance (EI), Old Age Security (OAS) or Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments this tax year, follow our 3-step process to get your income tax return started.

Step 1: Create or update your online profile

  • If you haven’t registered for My Service Canada Account (MSCA), visit our MSCA web page to register now.
  • If you are an existing MSCA user, sign in to ensure your personal information (including your mailing and direct deposit information) is up to date.
  • Click on “View/Change my tax slip mailing option” to receive your tax slips electronically. If you choose this option by January 16, you will not receive your tax slips through the mail starting this tax season. If you choose this option after January 16, it will be effective next tax season.

Step 2: Get your tax slips online

  • Starting February 2, sign in to MSCA to access your official EI, OAS or CPP tax slips.
  • If you haven’t already done so, while you are in MSCA, click on “View/Change my tax slip mailing option” to start receiving your future tax slips electronically.

Step 3: Electronically file with the Canada Revenue Agency


Not all T4 (EI, OAS, CPP) slips are available online. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to find out which tax slips you will receive by mail.