George Wilson - Making a contribution at Stone and Company

Through the Opportunities Fund (OF), Employment and Social Development Canada helps people with disabilities overcome employment barriers and participate in the workforce.

George first came to Link Up in the Spring of 2005. Matt Heng, long-time Link Up Employment Consultant, recalls his very favorable first impression of George. “I saw someone intelligent, articulate, obviously detailed-oriented and highly motivated to work.”

After a thorough assessment, Link Up matched George with a position as a mailroom/fulfillment clerk at Stone & Company, a small financial services company in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. This was done through the Wage Subsidy options of the Opportunities Fund. The job, which is highly structured, suits George well. His manager has commended him, both publicly and privately, on his performance. Recently, George stepped out of his routine to reorganize the company’s stock room. He also enhanced efficiency by hand-delivering packages to destinations within walking distance, rather than sending them by courier.

A growing circle of people are noticing how Link Up can help both people with disabilities and employers through the OF program.

Thanks to Link Up and the OF program, George is very happy in his new job.