Lost Wallet

If you have lost your wallet, make sure that you cancel and replace all of your important cards. Service Canada has prepared a list to help you through this process so that you replace your cards and identification in the right order.

When you have all your replacement documentation, it is a good idea to photocopy them and keep them in a safe place. Having photocopies available will help in the replacement process should you lose any of your identification in the future.

Contact Your Bank(s) or Financial Institution(s)

Contact your bank(s) or financial institution(s) and report your missing bank and/or credit cards.

Cancel Other Credit Cards

If you have lost a retail credit card or any other credit card, immediately notify the Customer Service or Credit Department of that retail company.

Replace Your Driver's Licence

In many cases, a replacement driver's licence may be issued on the spot. Contact your provincial or territorial ministry responsible for transportation for more information on the process.

Replace Your Birth Certificate

Identification is required to pick up your birth certificate. A driver's licence is an acceptable form of identification. Refer to the website for your provincial or territorial ministry responsible for issuing birth certificates for more information.

Replace Your Citizenship Certificate

Two pieces of personal identification are required when applying for a citizenship certificate. The application kit provides details on what identification is acceptable. There is additional information about replacing a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed citizenship certificate or certificate of registration of birth abroad (RBA) on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Replace Your Health Card

Two or more pieces of personal identification may be required to apply for your replacement health insurance card. A driver's licence and birth certificate are acceptable in most provinces and territories. However, you should contact the provincial or territorial government department responsible for health directly to confirm which forms of identification are acceptable.

Replace Your Passport

As soon as you think your passport has been lost or stolen, you are required to report the circumstances of the loss or theft to Passport Canada or the nearest Government of Canada office if you are outside Canada.

The request for a replacement passport can be made in Canada at any service location or at the nearest Canadian Government office. However, before the document can be replaced, Canadian authorities will conduct an investigation into the circumstances of the lost or stolen passport. This investigation may lead to delays in processing the replacement passport.

A replacement passport (which may be valid for a limited period only) may be authorized, provided strict requirements are met. These include the submission of:

Contact Authorities if You Suspect Fraud

If you suspect any fraudulent use of your personal information, such as your credit cards, contact your local police services. Do not dial any emergency number. Refer to your local telephone listing for the phone number.

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