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Attention: Loss of SIN data due to Heartbleed Bug April 14, 2014

ESDC/Service Canada is working closely with CRA counterparts to ensure all appropriate action is being taken as a result of the recent breach of the Agency’s electronic services.

The department has taken immediate action to flag the SINs of all affected clients in the Social Insurance Register which will enable ongoing monitoring.  This annotation of SIN records requires agents to ask for additional information and photo identification each time there is activity related to an affected SIN.

ESDC/Service Canada will notify individuals if there are any concerns regarding changes made to information on their SIN records. The department does not charge fees for monitoring SINs.

Find more information on how to safeguard your SIN.


CRA will advise all impacted citizens by registered mail of this breach and provide them with a special 1-800 number to call for support and further information on steps to take to protect their personal information.

CRA will also provide those impacted access to credit protection services at no cost and monitor further CRA accounts to prevent any unauthorized activity.

Please go to for additional information.

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