Record Suspensions

The Record Suspensions program grants, denies or revokes criminal record suspensions for convictions under federal statutes.

Delivered by: Parole Board of Canada (PBC)

Eligibility Information

A person applying for a pardon must have done the following:

  • completed their sentence (including parole) and have paid any fine or financial penalty
  • completed any probation period
  • have served a required waiting period
  • demonstrated that he or she is a law-abiding citizen

Other criteria may apply.

Application Information

The completed record suspension application must include the following documents:

  • a certified copy of the criminal record obtained through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Criminal Records and Pardoned Criminal Records - Personal Information Requests program
  • record checks performed by local police
  • proof of conviction, if a conviction does not appear in the criminal record
  • court records, which only apply to confirm pardon eligibility or provide proof of payment of all fines
  • a certified military conduct sheet, if applicable

Financial Information

  • The user fee for processing a record suspension is $631.

Contact Information

Related Information

  • Persons applying for a pardon must notify the Parole Board of Canada in writing of any change of address while their application is being processed.