Grant for Part-Time Students with Dependants

Under this grant, part-time students with up to two children under 12 years of age may be eligible for $40 per week of study, and part-time students with three or more children may be eligible for $60 per week of study.

Delivered by: Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Eligibility Information

You are eligible if you:

IMPORTANT: Part-time students with disabled dependants 12 years of age or older may be eligible for this grant. In these particular cases, proof of the disability in the form of a medical certificate or documentation proving receipt of federal or provincial disability assistance would be required.

Application Information

When you apply and qualify for a Canada Student Loan in your province or territory of permanent residence, you will automatically be assessed for the grant.

  • Eligibility for this grant is determined during the assessment of the student loan process.
  • Loan application forms are available from provincial and territorial student financial aid offices in educational institutions.

Related Information

Canada Student Grants are money that you do not pay back. You may be eligible to receive more than one grant at the same time. For more information visit