Telephone Reporting Service and Direct Deposit


Dial the toll-free number: 1 800 531-7555, to access the Telephone Reporting Service.

Our standard way of paying benefits

The Telephone Reporting Service and Direct Deposit are our standard ways of processing and paying your EI benefits. In exceptional cases, such as, if you are receiving and/or participating in Employment benefits and support measures, if you are hearing impaired, or if you don't have access to a phone with Touch-ToneTM service, you may not be able to use the Telephone Reporting Service. You would then need to complete and mail in reports.

What are Telephone Reporting Service and Direct Deposit

The Telephone Reporting Service is an electronic service that allows you to submit your reports using a phone with Touch-toneTM service, instead of mailing them. When you use the Telephone Reporting Service with Direct Deposit your payment is deposited directly to your bank account.

The Telephone Reporting Service is available throughout Canada and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although the Telephone Reporting Service is available to accept your call on Friday morning for weekend reporting, reports called in Friday are not processed until Sunday afternoon. Friday is always the busiest time for trying to file your EI report using the Telephone Reporting Service and a busy signal may occur. Whether you place your call on Friday, Saturday or on Sunday before 3:00 PM, your report will be processed Sunday afternoon.

What are the advantages

Using the Telephone Reporting Service and Direct Deposit provides you with faster and more efficient service.

The advantages are :

  • Faster processing of your EI payment
  • Elimination of delays and mailing costs
  • Reliable, Convenient, Simple and Secure

How the Telephone Reporting Service works

  • An interactive demonstration is available to assist you. Call 1 800 531-7555 and select option 1.
  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN), combined with your Access code, is your electronic signature making you responsible for the information provided.
  • Using a phone with Touch-ToneTM service, you answer a series of questions about your employment status.
  • The telephone reporting service will tell you when your report is due.

Follow these steps to complete your report by telephone:

  1. Dial 1 800 531-7555 using a phone with Touch-ToneTM service. Cellular and cordless phones will not assure your privacy and security.
  2. Select option "2" to file your EI report.
  3. Enter your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Access code.
  4. Follow the instructions as the system guides you through the questions to complete your report.
  5. The system will ask you to confirm your answer to each question.
  6. Hang up when the Telephone Reporting Service confirms: "You have successfully input your report" and tells you when you can input your next report. Mark this date on your calendar.

It is important to call in your reports as soon as they are due to ensure prompt payment of benefits. If you do not complete your reports within 3 weeks of the date you are told to call in the next report, you risk losing benefits.

How Direct Deposit works

  • Your payment is deposited directly to your bank account 2 business days after you complete your report using the Telephone Reporting Service.
  • The deposit to your bank account is your record of payment.
  • If you have not yet supplied your complete bank account information you can do it now...

What you need to know if you worked

1. Hours worked each calendar week of the report. Do not enter partial hours. Example:

  • 38 hours 15 minutes = 38
  • 38 hours 45 minutes = 38

2. Your pay before deductions for each calendar week, rounded to the nearest dollar. Example:

  • If you earned $125.49, enter 125
  • If you earned $125.50, enter 126

3. The ten digit phone number of each employer for whom you worked during the reporting period. This is the area code and phone number. Do not enter "1" before the area code.

Tip: Use the reporting calendar to keep track of your earnings and hours worked.

If more information is needed regarding your report by phone you will either be transferred to a reprensentative to finalize your report or asked to call back during business hours.

Remember, to avoid repayment situations be sure to report all your earnings in the weeks they are earned. If you find that you made a mistake after you have completed your report, call our telephone information service at 1 800 206-7218, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and press "0" to speak to a representative.

If you are not yet receiving your EI payment by Direct Deposit

To apply for Direct Deposit, you need your complete bank account information, as shown on your cheque or bank statement. Once you have this information:

  • Go to My Service Canada Account. After you login to My Service Canada Account, select “View / change my direct deposit” to complete the direct deposit information required; or
  • Call our telephone information service at 1 800 206-7218, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and choose the option "0". A representative will then ask you to provide your bank account information; or
  • Visit your Service Canada Centre to apply for Direct Deposit and provide the required information.

Don't forget, if your bank account information changes or if you move, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.