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Title Catalogue Number
How to Apply for Employment Insurance Benefits IN-072-02-11
Reporting calendar — to keep track of your earnings and hours worked IN-073-12-11
What You Need to Do Now to Receive Your Employment Insurance Benefits IN-076-08-11
Your Employment Insurance Regular Benefits Application - Checklist SC-288-02-11
Employment Insurance (EI) information for employers
Title Catalogue Number
Changes to the Employment Insurance Regulations - Improving Service to Businesses IN-461-07-11
Employer Guide — Automated Earnings Reporting System (AERS) SC-263-03-11
Guide for the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) program IN-071-03-12
How to complete the Record of Employment (ROE) form IN-327-07-11
Records of Employment on the Web (Brochure) IN-465-12-11
Report on Hirings Program User Guide – File (BH1202)
Report on Hirings Program User Guide – Form (Data Entry) SC-269-07-09
Supplement to the guide "How to complete the Record of Employment (ROE) form" for all school boards  
The Employment Insurance Premium Reduction Program - A guide for employers offering short-term disability plans to their employees IN-041-03-11
Weekly Pay-Periods Worksheet  
XML Schema BH1202  
Types of benefits and related subjects
Title Catalogue Number
Change to eligibility for Compassionate care benefits — Expanded definition of "family members" IN-057-01-13
Compassionate Care Benefits IN-057-01-13
EI Special Benefits for Self-Employed People IN-463-01-13
Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits IN-199-01-13
Farming and Other self-employment  
Fishing benefits IN-203-07-11
Fraud — Employment Insurance (EI) IN-215-03-10
If you Work for an Employer Who is Related to You IN-210-12-09
Important notice about Maximum Insurable Earnings  
In Difficult Times: Compassionate Care Benefits IN-063-01-12
Maternity and Parental Benefits IN-201-01-12
Regular benefits IN-200-03-10
Repayment of Employment Insurance benefits at income tax time  
Rights and Responsibilities IN-044-03-09
Social assistance IN-208-02-06
Workers and/or Residents outside Canada IN-207-06-06

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