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Are you receiving Employment Insurance (EI) regular or fishing benefits?

Get the facts about recent EI changes that help connect Canadians with jobs in their local areas.

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Security Warning

If you are using this service on a shared computer in a public area (for example public kiosk or library), please do not leave the computer unattended while accessing this service, and please ensure to protect your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and access code when logging in. Before leaving the computer, it is also important that you fully log out of the application, clear your browser's cache and close down your browser. These precautions will ensure that no one else can access any personal information you may have entered.

Privacy notice statement

The information you provide is collected under the authority of the Employment Insurance Act (1996) to determine your eligibility for Unemployment Benefits (including Family Supplement) Employment Benefits, employment services and training. Completion is voluntary; however failure to complete this form will result in you not being considered for the aforementioned benefits. The information will be retained in " Personal Information Bank(s) "ESDC PPU 150", "Insurance Claim File-Local Office" and/or "ESDC PPU 293", "Employment Benefits and Support Measures" and will be used and disclosed in accordance with the conditions listed therein. For Employment Benefits, services and training, this may include the provision of information to your province/territory for the administration of the Labour Market Development Agreements or to third party service providers.

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, individuals have the right to protection of, and access to, their personal information. Instructions for obtaining your personal information are outlined in the government publication entitled Info Source, a copy of which is located in all Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Questions or comments regarding this policy or the administration of the Privacy Act in Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) may be directed to the Coordinator (, Access to Information and Privacy.

Please note that by providing and submitting your SIN and Access code, you will be deemed to have signed your on-line report. Keep your Access Code safe and store it separately from your SIN.


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