General Information

If you are an employer who provides your employees with a short-term disability plan and your plan meets certain requirements, you may be entitled to pay your Employment Insurance (EI) premiums at a rate that is lower than the standard employer rate of 1.4 times the employees’ EI premiums.

Basic requirements that must be met

To be considered for a premium reduction, the plan that provides short-term disability benefits to employees must:

  • provide at least 15 weeks of benefits for short-term disability;
  • match or exceed the level of benefits provided under EI;
  • pay benefit to employees within 14 days of illness or injury;
  • be accessible to employees within three months of hiring;
  • cover employees on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

Evidence of the employer’s commitment to provide a short-terms disability plan is required. In addition, the employer must provide an undertaking that they will return 5/12 of the savings to the employees covered by their plan.

For detailed information about the Premium Reduction Program, its requirements, the employer’s responsibilities and how to apply for a reduction, please refer to the Program Guide.

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