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Browsing the Service Canada site

Site-wide navigation options

The Government menu...

The Government menu is located on the upper right side of the web page. The Government menu contains the following four links:

  • “” (“Government of Canada” website site)
  • “Services” (“Service Canada” Web site)
  • “Departments” (“Departments and Agencies” page of the Government of Canada) website
  • Français” (French language version of the Service Canada website)
Site Menu...

The site menu is located at the top of every page on our website. Its horizontal menu bar persistently displays just six (6) links:

  • Services for you” (service links grouped by audience and by life event)
  • Subjects” (service links grouped by subject), “Online Services”,
  • Forms” (forms catalogue, list and search tool),
  • A to Z” (alphabetic services listing)
  • Help”.

Four of the six persistent links of the site menu (“Services for you”, “Subjects”, “Online Services” and “Help”) have associated lists of links that stay hidden until you rest the mouse pointer on one of them (or use the tab key to reach one of these four persistent links) and only then does a dropdown list of their associated links appear below the persistent link

This new site menu design:

  • Reduces the number of mouse clicks (or tab keystrokes) you use when navigating within the site
  • Helps to limit the number of visible information links on the page to the areas of the site that are of most interest to you
  • Maintains the existing site-wide access provided for the Help page on the site
  • Gives you prominent, accessible, site-wide access to Online Services, Forms and the available information on Service Canada’s programs and services
The Breadcrumb path...

The “Breadcrumb Path” (located below the left side of the site menu bar near the top of the page) can be used to return to the web pages referenced by each Breadcrumb link in the path.

The Site Footer...

Twelve frequently accessed links, which specifically refer to Service Canada information and services are located in the Site Footer (at the bottom of each page on the Web site). The Terms and Conditions and Transparency are also available in the Site Footer.

Site navigation options available on the home page

I Want to...

The “I want to” section is a group of the five most frequent tasks viewed on the Service Canada site. This list of links chosen for this section is based on a periodic review of the statistically most popular web pages. The English and French metrics will be assessed separately; therefore, there may be instances where the French list and the English list differ.

Top Searches...

“Top searches” is a list of the 10 most frequently searched for topics.
The “Top Searches” section is updated periodically. Since the English “Top searches” and the French “Top searches” are assessed separately, there may be instances where the French list and the English list differ.

My Service Canada Account...

Go directly to the “My Service Canada Account” main page using this large, boldly highlighted and easily accessed link. Note that site-wide access to this page is provided through the “My Service Canada Account” link found under “Online Services” in the new site menu.

Life Events...

The “Life Events” section is a list of links to Web pages with information on government programs or services that may be of assistance to clients during important life events (e.g., “Finding a Job”, “Having a Baby”, “Retirement Planning”). The list will be updated periodically based on an assessment of the web metrics.

Featured Content...

The “Featured Content” section lists links which provide clients with easy access to information on those programs and services that stakeholders believe should be featured on the homepage. A maximum of 5 featured links are listed to ensure that the featured content maintains a non-cluttered appearance.

Home Page Promotion Rotator

The “Promotion Rotator” presents a continuous “slideshow” featuring three (3) federal programs and services that are available to Canadian citizens. Each of the three promotional “slides” consists of a graphic image, a title and a brief text description for one of the featured federal programs and services. The display area provided for the featured federal programs and services is located near the top of the Home Page (below the new site menu).

Finding programs and services

Information on the Service Canada web site is organized in a variety of ways to make it easy for you to find information about Government of Canada programs and services.


If you identify with an audience listed under "Services for You" in the top drop-down menu of the home page, select the category that best describes your situation. You will be presented with a list of programs and services for which you may be eligible. From the left navigation bar of the audience page you selected, you may select a more specific subject related to your situation.


If you are interested in programs and services related to a specific subject, you can browse our list of subjects from the top drop-down menu bar on the home page.

A to Z Services Index

The A to Z Services Index is accessible from the top navigation bar that appears on most of the pages of this website. It is an alphabetical listing of all Government of Canada programs and services listed on the Service Canada website. Simply select a letter and choose a program title or a keyword from the list that appears.

Life Events

The Government of Canada provides assistance and important information to help you through different life events.

Video Center

In this section, you will find online videos that will help you use certain services we offer.

Online services

Service Canada offers multiple online services that allow you to do everything from apply for benefits to change your address to calculate your retirement income.


The Service Canada Forms section provides access to online forms for the programs and services delivered by Service Canada and its partner departments.

Related sites

Service Canada also offers a list of related sites tailored to each audience and subject. This list provides links to other federal government departments or agencies websites. It is accessible from the bottom navigation bar on the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section, available under the Help drop-down menu at the top of the home page, presents the most popular researched information in a question-answer format. The Frequently Asked Questions change with time, according to what is more frequently researched on this site.

Finding information about Service Canada

About Us

The About Us page outlines Service Canada's mission statement, its partners, information contained on the site, its commitment to accessibility and its plan for future development.


This is a compilation of Service Canada publications and reports related to different topics.

Alternative formats and plug-ins

Information throughout the Service Canada website is provided in HTML as the primary format. In some cases, other software formats are provided as alternatives. To open these alternate formats, you may need to download and install one or more of the following on your computer:

Document readers

PDF - They may also be available as Portable Document Format. To view these files you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Other options for free of charge PDF readers are Foxit Reader and Expert PDF Reader.

DOC - Some files are available in Microsoft Word or Rich Text formats. To view these files you will need Microsoft Word Viewer, unless you already have Microsoft Word on your computer.

XLS - To read a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format, you will need the Microsoft Excel Viewer, unless you already have Microsoft Excel on your computer.

Media Players (for viewing interactive content)

For more information about media players, please visit our Multimedia Help page.