Travel - For Youth and Students

  • Passport Services
    The Passport Services issue, refuse, revoke, withhold and recover regular, frequent traveller, special and diplomatic passports in accordance with Canadian passport regulations.
  • Canadian Diplomatic and Consular Services
    The Canadian Diplomatic and Consular Services provide information and diplomatic representation to Canadian citizens abroad through embassies, high commissions, consulates, consulates general and other Government of Canada offices.
  • Registration of Canadians Abroad
    The Registration of Canadians Abroad service offers a consular registration service to Canadians living or travelling abroad. The service notifies registered Canadians in the event of a natural disaster or civil unrest in the country in which they are travelling.
    The NEXUS program allows low-risk pre-approved travellers to use designated NEXUS lanes at certain border crossings without being subject to regular customs and immigration questioning.
  • CANPASS - Air
    The CANPASS - Air program allows pre-screened, low-risk commercial airline passengers who are members of the program to use automated kiosks to clear customs and immigration quickly and securely at participating airports.
  • CANPASS - Private Boats
    The CANPASS - Private Boats program allows CANPASS permit holders who wish to enter Canada aboard private boats from the United States to receive pre-authorized customs clearance.
  • CANPASS - Private Aircraft
    The CANPASS - Private Aircraft program allows CANPASS card holders on private aircraft to clear customs and immigration quickly and securely at participating ports of entry.

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