Organization of the Service Canada website

Information on the Service Canada website is organized in a variety of ways to make it easy for you to find information about Government of Canada programs and services.

You can help your clients find the information they want or service they need either by searching by audience (located in the mid-section of the home page), by Services by Subjects or by Life Events (both located on the left hand navigation bar).

The A to Z Services Index can also be useful. It consists of an alphabetical listing of all Government of Canada programs and services. Simply select a letter and choose a program title or a keyword from the list that appears.


Is your client a student, an Aboriginal person, an immigrant or newcomer to Canada, or a Canadian citizen Services for Employment - looking for work or seeking a new full-time or part-time job in the private or public sector? Service Canada can help job seekers in their efforts to find a job.

The Job Bank website is a good place for your clients to start searching for job listings across Canada, create a résumé, choose a career, or assess their skills.

Employment Insurance

There are several types of Employment Insurance benefits available to Canadians, depending on their situation. If your clients are not sure which types of Employment Insurance benefits they could qualify for and whether they specifically need help applying for their EI, you can always refer them to the Applying for their EI benefits online page.

Income Assistance

If your client just lost his or her job, you might want to check if he or she applied for one of the Income assistance programs like Canada Child Tax Benefit, Universal Child Care Benefit, GST/HST Credit, Immigration Loans Program, etc.

Newcomers to Canada

The Newcomers to Canada page lists a series of organizations that help immigrants facing a number of challenges like finding a job, having their credentials recognized or adjusting to life in Canada.

Education and Training

If your clients want to apply for an Apprenticeship Grant, for a student loan, etc. Service Canada has prepared information on programs and services related to education and training. For example, if they would like to start post-secondary education, Service Canada has prepared a checklist to help clients obtain information they may need to continue their education.

Retirement Planning

If your clients are planning to retire, here are some options they may want to consider and benefits for which they may be eligible. Service Canada has prepared a checklist of the most popular federal programs (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, etc.) that might be useful to your clients.

Online Services and Forms

Service Canada provides information and access to services and forms online that assist Canadians in accessing federal programs and services.

To serve Canadians better, Service Canada offers the My Service Canada Account online service, a single point of access to view and update their information for Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) purposes. Once logged on to My Service Canada Account, in addition to be able to view and update their EI, CPP and OAS information, your clients can view their CPP Statement of Contributions, and much more.

Service Canada Video Centre – The tutorial will give users guidance similar to what they would receive at Service Canada centres.

Find a Service Canada Office - Search for the nearest Service Canada Centre by postal code, province or territory.

Online Forms - The Forms Site provides access to online forms for the programs and services delivered by Service Canada and its partner departments.