Employment - For Aboriginal Peoples

  • Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program
    The Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program aims to facilitate the selection and enrolment of Aboriginal people who are interested in full-time employment in the Canadian Forces by acquainting them with military training prior to making a formal commitment to enlist.
  • Bold Eagle Program
    The Bold Eagle Program provides Aboriginal youth with summer employment that offers a combination of military training and First Nations cultural awareness.
  • Aboriginal Training Program in Museum Practices
    The Aboriginal Training Program in Museum Practices provides Aboriginal people with professional and technical training in museum practices as well as internship opportunities at the Canadian Museum of History.

Other programs and services:

  • Employment Insurance Regular Benefits
    Employment Insurance (EI) provides Regular Benefits to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own (for example, due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs) and are available for and able to work, but can't find a job.
  • Job Bank
    Job Bank is an electronic listing of jobs provided by employers from everywhere across Canada.
  • Training and Employment Initiatives
    Employment and Social Development Canada supports several Employment Programs to help unemployed and underemployed Canadians, including those facing barriers to employment.
  • Employment Insurance and Workers and/or Residents Outside Canada
    The Employment Insurance (EI) program may provide benefits to certain individuals who reside outside Canada if their job is insured under Canada’s EI program.

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