Canada's Universal Child Care Plan

December 2007

What is Canada’s Universal Child Care Plan?

Canada’s Universal Child Care Plan will provide families with resources to help balance work and family as they see fit – regardless of where they live, their circumstances or preferences. The Plan includes both the Universal Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Spaces Initiative.

What is the Universal Child Care Benefit?

The Universal Child Care Benefit provides financial assistance to Canadian families with young children. Parents will receive $100 a month – up to $1,200 a year – for each child under six.

If you already receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit, or have already applied for it, you do not need to apply for the Universal Child Care Benefit. You will receive it automatically. If not, you will need to complete the application form used to apply for the Canada Child Tax Benefit. The application form must be completed in English or French.

Application forms are available on the Canada Revenue Agency website or by visiting a Canada Revenue Agency office or Service Canada Centre.

What is the Child Care Spaces Initiative?

The Child Care Spaces Initiative will support the creation of up to 25,000 new child care spaces each year, beginning in 2007. Parents, businesses and community organizations, as well as provinces and territories, will be consulted on this new initiative. In this way, it can be designed to respond to the needs of families and the realities of employers, in all parts of the country.

For more information:

This is general information, offered as a convenience only. For more information on how to receive the Universal Child Care Benefit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website or call:

English: 1 800 387-1193
French: 1 800 387-1194
Tele-type: 1 800 665-0354

For general information on Canada's Universal Child Care Plan, visit Employment and Social Development Canada website or call 1 800 O-Canada (1 800 622-6232) or TTY 1 800 926-9105.