The Labour Market Information Service

Helping you get the edge you need in today’s labour market

The Labour Market Information (LMI) Service helps Canadians find information about occupations and labour market trends and outlooks, including skill or labour shortages and surpluses, and statistics on unemployment rates and the working-age population.

The website offers local and provincial/territorial information on occupations. For example, the website features information on:

  • National Occupational Classification job descriptions;
  • skills requirements for jobs;
  • employment prospects and labour market trends;
  • wages;
  • potential employers;
  • educational and training institutions; and
  • professional associations and unions.

Who can use LMI?

Are you of working age? A youth, student, or parent? A teacher or guidance counsellor? A career, employment, or vocational counsellor? A job development, co-op, or other placement officer?

If so, then LMI can help you:

  • find job opportunities in different regions across Canada;
  • identify potential employers in your region or elsewhere in Canada;
  • research career choices or occupations of interest; and
  • research employment conditions and current wage ranges for various occupations.

Who else can benefit from using LMI?

Businesses, community organizations, economic development organizations (for example, chambers of commerce), school boards, and sector councils can all benefit.

LMI can help:

  • write job descriptions;
  • establish a competitive wage rate;
  • recruit staff;
  • attract new businesses to a local community;
  • develop curricula; and
  • understand labour market conditions.

The LMI Service is a network of professionals at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Service Canada who provide up-to-date and relevant labour market information through Service Canada Centres or on the Internet at

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